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Tip 2 Trust is good – certainty is better

You have had a pleasant meeting with a new or existing client and are happy that you can supply the goods or services. Perhaps you trust this new client, or you have worked for this client several times. You start working on the job, discussing things on the phone, and get things moving. 

But think for a moment. Trust is good but having the order confirmed in writing is even better! This saves a lot of unpleasant discussion afterwards. 

This short checklist can help avoid unnecessary friction. 

- Send a quotation. 

- Send an order confirmation. 

- Send your general terms and conditions. 

- Save all the correspondence. 

This takes little effort and may save you more trouble than you realise.

Every situation is different and every claim has its own story. I would like to take you into the world of debt collection. Not to sensationalise it, but to show you that it can be done differently. Read these real stories.