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Tip 1 Hurray, a new client!

You have a new client and are thrilled. But should you be? I am always surprised how often companies blindly trust others’ stories and do not do any research on their new business contact. Trust is a wonderful thing, but it can also lead to disappointment. 

It is always wise to try to obtain some information about your new client. After all, anyone can have business cards printed, but that does not mean that they are REAL operational companies. 

So being informed up front can save much frustration. This checklist may be of help. 

  • Is your new client registered at the Chamber of Commerce? Private limited companies need to deposit their annual accounts at the Chamber of Commerce. You can request these from the Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Does your new client have a website? This is a basic necessity these days. 
  • Do some research on Google. Is your new client easy to find? Can you find any references? Is it easy to find a telephone number or are they anonymous numbers? You would be surprised at how often it is extremely difficult to find the debtor and how often the debtor cannot be traced at all. 
  • In general you know little about new clients. A credit rating report will give you just that little bit more information about your new client. There are several companies that will prepare a report for you.  

These tips may seem basic, but over the years I have regularly heard my clients say “Goodness, if I had only known!”. Maybe these tips will save you problems. 

Every situation is different and every claim has its own story. I would like to take you into the world of debt collection. Not to sensationalise it, but to show you that it can be done differently. Read these real stories.