No secret agenda, show your hand. Be transparent.

If you have a client that has not paid but you do not yet want to start the standard debt recovery process, a pre-recovery procedure may be a good option.

Friendly and effective

We will inform your client about the outstanding invoice and set a final payment date. The pre-recovery demand letter states the amount due, which is the invoice plus the statutory interest.

We also inform debtors clearly about any consequences should the debt remain unpaid and we have to start the debt recovery process. This is usually the last push that debtors need to make payment.

We know that liquidity is crucial for small companies. A client that does not pay on time can cause major problems for small companies.

Driven and accurate

Even if you only use our services occasionally, you can be sure that we will handle your case with the same drive and care. This is our work after all and we would be happy to take your worries out of your hands.

An added bonus is that we do not work with subscriptions or contracts for a specified number of jobs. You have the freedom to call us whenever you need us.

Slow paying clients are not only bad for your liquidity, but are also bad for your image.

Professional, convenient and online

We would be happy to take the hassle of chasing up unpaid invoices out of your hands. Our amicable approach to debt collection means that your invoices will be paid more quickly and your relationship with your client will remain intact. You can inform us of new cases easily, 24/7 via our online system. We then have all the information we need and it saves everyone’s time.

If your clients abroad default on payment, it is important that you have your claim handled by local professional and reliable agencies.

Years of international experience

We have worked with a number of debt collection agencies abroad for a long time and can help you with your international debt collection. We will send your claim to our international partner and will closely monitor progress. We will manage the process and report to and advise you.

Rest assured that we - our international debt collection partners and ourselves - will do everything we can to collect your claim.

INCASSO PREISS can play a significant role for international companies and debt collection agencies that have a debt claim against Dutch debtors.


While I work with partners in several countries, my German heritage makes it particularly easy to collaborate with debt collection agencies in German speaking countries.

Years of international experience

I have years of good experience working closely, efficiently and in a targeted way with a number of debt collection agencies in German speaking countries. My debt collection partners describe me as skilled, professional, honest, determined and involved, and as someone who is willing to negotiate to reach agreement.

Useful online system

My online collection system gives you, as a client, 24/7 access to your case files so you always know the status of your claim. The system is also convenient for entering new cases. The costs charged to the debtor are immediately visible.

Fast completion

It goes without saying that all collected monies are transferred directly to you.

My German background

makes it particularly easy to collaborate with debt collection agencies in German speaking countries.