Viviyanti Keijmis
owner StartMeUp

"It is extremely important, as an entrepreneur, that you provide clarity when it comes to outstanding invoices. Gabi of Incasso Preiss collects debts in a customer-friendly, but very correct, professional manner. She handles cases with integrity, accuracy and transparency, which gives you a sense of trust and security. It goes without saying that StartMeUp finds this pleasant collaboration highly satisfactory."

Marc van der Stelt
owner MS Fotografie

“Gabi Preiss from Incasso Preiss considers the available options with the small business owner and comes up with a suitable solution for your debt collection problem. We therefore highly recommend her if you want your debt collection to be arranged perfectly.”

Madelon Veldkamp
owner TAS Westland

"After two years of trying to make a client pay its overdue invoices, I gave up and employed the services of Gabi of INCASSO PREISS. After numerous attempts, a lot of patience and her correct method of dealing with people, she managed to organise a payment arrangement with this client. Thank you, Gabi. I highly recommend you to anyone. INCASSO PREISS is a very professional and astute debt-collection agency."

Peter Breure CEO
CWT Commodities (Rotterdam) BV

"Gabi Preiss offers a high-level professional approach combined with personal attention. INCASSO PREISS is a relief compared to other debt recovery agencies. Not only for following up on debtors in the Netherlands, but also for recovering outstanding invoices abroad. I would recommend INCASSO PREISS to any entrepreneur."

Ben Oostrum owner
Boo Ben Oostrum Ontwerpt

"Gabi Preiss of  INCASSO PREISS dealt with my debt recovery issues in a personal but professional way, offering clear and concise advice from beginning to end. Therefore, I highly recommend Gabi Preiss."

Harry den Hond partner
SAM Accountants

"We’ve been doing business with INCASSO PREISS from the start. The debt recoveries are always quickly and transparently taken care of, and with positive results. Because of our experiences we refer all of our clients to Gabi now, who are all very pleased with her flexibility – INCASSO PREISS is always there for you to offer assistance and advice wherever necessary."

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