Transferring recovered money immediately is a given.

Unpaid invoices are draining. They cost money, time and energy. We would be happy to take such worries out of your hands. The outcome will be that you get your money while your business relationship with your client remains good.

How do I work? A tailored approach!

We cannot sum up how we work in two sentences. Each debtor is different and needs a particular approach. We have experience enough to know how to match our approach to each debtor. That said, there are a few steps taken by INCASSO PREISS that are common to all cases.

We are transparent, fast and flexible. This is reflected in our charges.

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Debt recovery is a question of trust. We understand that when you call upon us you are trusting us with two important aspects of your company: your business relationship and your money. We take this responsibility very seriously.

If you are a new client, we would like to know more about you and the claim. We need to know who the debtor is and the grounds on which you believe the invoice has not yet been paid. And of course, we would like to receive all relevant documentation. This allows us to understand your claim and we can deal with the debtor as a representative of your company.

If you hire us, we will send you a job confirmation, our general terms and conditions and the log-in codes for our online system. You can then submit your debt collection request online.

Out of court debt collection ?>

Out of court debt collection

Clear communication is crucial and we communicate with debtors clearly.

In the case of consumers, they first receive the legally required demand letter, the ‘WIK letter’(Extrajudicial Collection Costs (Standards) Act letter). The original invoice amount is then increased by the statutory interest rate. The debtor has fourteen days in which to pay. We then add the statutory debt collection charges and send the debtor a second demand with these additional charges. 

In the case of companies, we immediately add statutory interest and the statutory debt collection charges to the original invoice. Companies have fourteen days in which to pay.

After the first demand, we will contact the debtor by telephone within a few days. This personal contact allows us to quickly identify the reason for non-payment, discuss options and make agreements.

If a telephone call with the debtor is not possible, we will try to contact the debtor in another way such as by email, text message or by post. We are very persistent, but always remain polite and respectful.

Extra efforts ?>

Extra efforts

We do everything we can to collect the debt amicably. In some cases, we have to agree a payment plan. If the debtor is unable to pay in one go, we agree an achievable and acceptable payment plan. We monitor this plan very closely.

In some cases we are simply unable to collect the debt despite our best efforts. A house call may then be the answer. House calls can be done either by a registered company or by a bailiff. We would gladly recommend the best service that suits your claim. Please note that the cost of house calls varies.

Legal proceedings ?>

Legal proceedings

Despite all our efforts, there are sometimes situations in which legal proceedings are needed.

We would be happy to inform and advise you on this so that you can take a well-considered decision about the costs and risks. We have worked closely with a number of bailiffs and lawyers (Dutch and German lawyers) for years.

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