Debt collection with respect and a smile

We know that it is not pleasant to receive a letter from a debt collection firm. And we know that there could be any number of reasons for an invoice remaining unpaid. However, it is now important that you quickly solve the debt otherwise the charges will accumulate. Read what you can do on this page.

You are a consumer

The company that engaged us is stated in the first letter, the ‘WIK’ (Extrajudicial Collection Costs (Standards) Act) letter. We will also send information on the unpaid invoice or invoices. The original invoice amount is increased by statutory interest. Make sure that you pay the amount within fourteen days of receiving the letter. This will avoid the necessity of us sending you a second letter and increasing the amount by the statutory debt recovery costs.

You are a company

The first letter states the outstanding invoice/invoices concerned and the company to which you owe the money.

The original invoice amount is increased by statutory interest and statutory debt recovery costs. The whole claim is clearly specified. We will state a date in this letter by which we should receive your payment.

You are unable to pay

Contact INCASSO PREISS immediately by telephone on +31(0) 10 841 21 38 or by email. We will discuss clear, achievable and acceptable options and agreements with you.

Please note!

The interest will continue to accrue as long as you do not pay.

The costs therefore increase every day.

We hope that our letters are clear, but should you have any questions or comments, please check the frequently asked questions or contact us.

Please contact  INCASSO PREISS.
We will discuss the options for a payment plan.

Contact INCASSO PREISS and tell us your objections.
You can send them by email or post as well. 

Email the proof of payment to us straightaway.
We will then check what went wrong with the registration of your payment.

We are sorry that you are not satisfied. We would like to receive your complaint by e-mail. You will then receive a confirmation of receipt and a written response within 14 days. In the event of a dispute, you can contact the SVI quality mark (

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