We live in a society with many rules, but these are nothing compared to the standards and values that we place upon ourselves in dealing with people. You can read our Code of Conduct below.

How we deal with debtors

  • We treat each debtor amicably and with respect.
  • We provide the debtor with clear, understandable information.
  • We agree achievable and acceptable payment plans with the debtor.
  • We inform the debtor clearly about any consequences.
  • We inform the debtor about the claim.

How we deal with our clients

  • We deal with the client’s claim with perseverance.
  • We do everything we can to maintain the business relationship between the client and the debtor.
  • We inform the client about our terms and conditions, charges and the risks involved.
  • We give the client access to our online system and provide regular information.
  • We transfer any monies received to the client immediately.

Our guarantee

  • We adhere to all statutory regulations.
  • We treat all information confidentially.
  • Anyone working at or for INCASSO PREISS adheres to our Code of Conduct.
  • All our systems are secure.
  • House calls by third parties are done in a proper manner and in accordance with statutory provisions.