We are transparent, fast and flexible. This is reflected in our charges. This translates to the following approach:

Standard case handling charge

We charge an initial handling fee of € 47,50 excluding VAT for each case submitted. 

Debt collection charges

The assumption is that the debtor pays the entire claim. This is:

  • the sum of the original invoice
  • the statutory interest
  • the statutory debt collection charges.

In that case you will receive the original invoice amount and the interest collected and we will receive the debt collection charges. Should we only be able to collect the original invoice amount or a part of the original invoice amount, we will charge you for the debt collection charges.

Additional costs

We may sometimes incur additional costs such as for house calls or for obtaining information about the debtor. For the latter situations, we work with various data brokers and we will discuss any potential costs with you in advance.

Flexibility in negotiations

If there is a disagreement about the original invoice, we will assume the role of arbitrator. The intention is to reach an agreement that is acceptable to all parties. If both you and the debtor are willing to make compromises, so are we.

Direct transfer of monies received

You might be glad to know that any monies received are transferred to your account immediately. After all, you have waited long enough for payment.

International debt collection? Please contact us

Different terms and conditions apply to international debt collection. Every country is different. Please contact us for more information.

Curious about the collection costs?

Fill in the invoice amount of your claim below and find out.

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