How would I want to be treated?<br>I ask myself this question every day.

Over the years I have heard the most varied reasons why debtors have not paid an invoice. Sad stories, amazing stories, implausible stories. In each case I assume that the debtor is honest and intends to pay the debt. Fortunately, this is mostly the case.

Amicable debt collection works best

There are many ways to collect a debt and much research has been done on debt collection. The results of that research underscore the way I work, namely, that remaining friendly and open is the most effective way to collect a debt.

How would I want to be treated?

I always imagine how I would like to be treated - both as a client and as a debtor. Experience shows that you achieve more if you treat people fairly and in a friendly manner. The result is that debtors pay more quickly and the client gets his/her money much sooner.

Your company’s calling card

I see INCASSO PREISS as the calling card for companies that want to handle their debt claims properly and with integrity. Without losing sight of the debtor as a human being. My approach keeps the business relationship between the client and debtor alive. I believe that “today’s slow-paying client could be tomorrow’s potential client.”

Small and agile

The fact that INCASSO PREISS is a small company is an asset. We are able to offer flexibility, a tailored approach, and we are able to make decisions quickly.

Here’s to many well paying clients!

Gabi Preiss

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